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About CDH UK

CDH UK was founded and registered with the Charity Commission in 2003 by Brenda Lane. It was initially formed as a small support group to provide parents and families faced with a CDH diagnosis with a friendly and informal support network of other parents and families who had endured similar experiences, and who could offer emotional support and share experiences with them. Today CDH UK has grown into an established registered charity that still offers the same friendly, informal support, but that now also has many more resources and offers information and advice on CDH from diagnosis to childhood and beyond, through different types of media such as the internet and written publications.

Our aims

  • To support families and their babies and children as effectively as we can
  • To offer information, advice and news on all aspects of CDH
  • To raise awareness of CDH and to educate the general public and medical profession
  • To contribute where possible, and further study and research into better management and treatment of CDH and to assist in finding the cause and prevention of CDH

We carry out many different types of fundraising events to raise funds to enable us to continue to improve our sources of information and to contribute to worthwhile study and research programmes with the aim of finding better treatments and management of CDH, and of course to hopefully one day assist in finding a cure and possible prevention of CDH.

We hold an annual ‘get together’ to enable parents, families and friends to meet others in similar situations and we try to arrange these at different locations each year to offer fair geographical accessibility.

We also liaise with the medical profession to keep up to date with news and information and to organise seminars and conferences when and where we can.

Our Charity is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee who are passionate about CDH UK and helping babies and families and who regularly participate and support our fundraising events. We would like you to know who these dedicated people are:

  • Brenda Lane – Chairperson, Trustee
  • Donna Fahey – Trustee
  • Beverley Power – Trustee, Secretary
  • Kerrie Laird - Treasurer

In addition to our Executive Committee we have many people who help out as volunteers in other important areas such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Hosting get-togethers
  • Counselling
  • Attending hospital information days
  • Raising awareness of CDH

If you would like to help in any way see our support us for further information.

If you would like to help in any way see our support us for further information