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Enisa Gijsel

Born 28th December 2011
Grew her wings 30th December 2011

In my Dreams you are alive and well
my precious angel
in my mind I see you as clear
my precious angel
in my soul there is a hole that never can be filled
in my heart there is hope cause you are with me still
in my heart you live on always here never gone
my precious angel you left too soon
and tho it may be true that were apart you will live forever in my heart
in my plans I was first to leave
my precious angel
but in this world I was left to grieve
my precious angel
God knows I want to hold you,see you,touch you
and may be theres a heaven and someday I will again
my precious angel
please know you not forgotton until then
Your little feet, soft hands, golden hair, tender lips, heavenly smell...
will never be forgotten till the last breath I take.
I will never stop loving you as fresh as today.
I will hold you when I am a sleep...You will be with me my beautiful angel...
We will reunite as a family again one day. But for now I hand you to your grandma who I know will look after you until the day