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Finlay James Johnson

Born 9th December 2009
Grew his wings 17th December 2009

Finlay James Johnson

Finlay James was born with a left-sided CDH and had only a very small right lung and pretty much a non-existent left lung. He may have only been with us for 8 days, but he certainly lived up to his name which in Gaelic means ‘Fair hero’ or ‘Little Blonde Soldier’ and his personality shone through even before he was born starting with his little mischievious antics in the ultrasound room when he tried to grasp the needle the Doctor used to obtain a sample of the fluid around him and the dancing in his mummy’s tummy when he heard music or if he heard his families voices. In his short life he has touched so many peoples hearts.
Some people just come through our lives to bring us something; a gift, a blessing, and that‘s why they’re here. They taught you something about love, and giving and caring so much about someone…that was their gift to you. They taught you all that and then they left. Maybe they just didn't need to stay longer than that…they gave you the gift, and then they were free to move on. You will have that gift forever… x
Miss you Finlay <3