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Lilly Mae Macleod Mace

Born 18th October 2008
Grew her wings 18th October 2008


You shone on this world for less than a day, but altered our lives when you came Lilly Mae, do you know of ther wonder you brought us that day? And the love that we have for our sweet Lilly Mae? We did all that we could to help you stay, but though you went from us, your not far away, the scent of the lillies, a spring day in may, will bring to us thoughts of our sweet Lilly Mae. You wont know the sunshine, or laughter or play, but you were perfection in our arms as you lay. You'll never grow old, or wrinkled or grey, you will always be young and sweet Lilly Mae. The hurt and the sorrow that we feel on this day, to happier memories will slowly give way. We're so glad you came on that momorable day, and we know you're at peace, our sweet Lilly Mae. XX