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Nathan Lee Bevan

Born 30th January 2007
Grew his wings 31st January 2007

Nathan Lee Bevan

Nathan Lee, only lived for 27 hours but touched all our hearts , and saved his twin brother life for fighting that little bit longer.  CDH ment nothing to us till the day of my 20 week scan, we was wondering would it be two boys, two girls or one fo each never once did we think the words CDH would turn our life upside for ever. three simple letters had never ment nothing to us before yet now the three dreaded words turns my stomach and causes physical heart ache.Nathan had a left sided cdh, the mri scan showed that liver went up into the chest cavity as had all organs other than bowel) his left lung was nearly non exitance yet his heart had been pushed right (with a small whole in his heart)  stopping his right lung from growing.  Nathans chance of survival was 30% after birth however i was advised it was unlikely Nathan would survive to 28 gestation and if he died before birth he would have taken his twin brothers life with him.  We chose to name our beautiful boy  Nathan as it means a gift from god which he was, the 27 hours we had him for are so precious that nothing will ever replace them hours, with our precious beautiful little soldier. During Nathans short life he taught me so much, he fought so hard, and taught us what matters in life, and how miracles do happen. it broke my heart and shattered all my dreams  when we was told nothing else could be done, it was the hardest decision of my life , but now my sweet baby boy is no longer suffering.
Nathan lives on in our hearts and his brother, he will never be forgotten but always loved and missed , such a special little boy will always be treasured, am o thankful that i got to be the mummy of such a special angel.  the link below has my pregnancy diary on, and the ups and downs of the cdh battle we faced.! however it does have pictures of nathan after he passed xx

 *people dream of angels , i hold one in my arms. *